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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Bullpen Workers: (2) Away and Home

  • Responsible for the safety and well being of all kids in their age/gender tent for the entirety of each meet.
  • Check in each swimmer in the tent at the beginning of the meet.
  • Ensure each swimmer knows in which events they are participating.
  • Check and mark any swimmers not already marked with their race information.(Race/Heat/Lane/Leg relays only)
  • Line up and escort swimmers in order to the Ready Bench.
  • Must remain at the meet until their last swimmer has swam their event.
  • Encourage all swimmers in their tent and look for opportunities to point out positive growth as a swimmer and/or team mate.
  • Helps foster a sense of community and team spirit.

Computer Lead: (1) Home Only

  • Work closely with the team’s head coach and the opposing teams’ scorers.
  • Input times/DQs into the database at meets.
  • Consults with Coaches for resolution about any disputes regarding legibility of timer sheets.

Scorer: (1) Away and Home

  • Works with reps from the opposing team(s).
  • Reviews timer sheets & DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat.
  • Determines time for record based on sheets.
  • Delivers results to Computer Lead
  • Consults with Home Meet Director for resolution about any disputes regarding legibility of timer sheets.

Ready Bench: (2) Away and Home

  • The Ready Bench is where swimmers are grouped for their events and place into lanes prior to their races.
  • Organize and line kids up into heat groups.
  • Ensure each swimmer is lined up at the correct lane.
  • Critical to keeping meets running smoothly!
  • May have to clear parents/coaches out of Ready Bench.

Runner: (1) Away and Home

  • Pick up timer sheets from Timers and DQ slips from Stroke Judges after each heat and delivers them to the Scorers/Computer team.
  • 1 of the Runners will act as the DQ Runner, standing with the Stroke Judges and delivering DQ sheets to Scorer's table.

Timer: 6 at home meets, varies for away meets

  • Stands at the end of assigned lane and times each swimmer in that lane for the duration of the shift.
  • Change sides of the pool depending on the event.
  • Required to listen to the Starter.
  • You will be in the sun, so wear a hat & sunscreen.
  • BONUS: You get a great view of each race!

Official Assistant (1) Home Only

  • Assists Meet Official with listed race finish placement.
  • Mark DQ Slips with appropriate violation
  • Flips Event number chart to appropriate event number

Concession Workers: (4) Home Only

  • Works under the guidance of the Concessions Director.
  • Prepares and serves food and drink items.
  • Handles concessions money.
  • Morning shift must remain at the Concession Stand until the afternoon shift arrives.
  • Deliver water to coaches, officials, and volunteers during swim meet
  • Help with clean up after meet

Safety Marshall (2) Home Only

  • Directs traffic around the Cherokee prior to the start of home meet.
  • Protects reserved parking spaces for concessions and VIP parking.
  • Oversees safety rules of pool during warm ups and meets
  • .May have to clear parents/coaches out of end of pool during races.

Floater: (1) Away and Home

  • Assists Meet Director as needs arise.
  • Fills in for any volunteers unable to fill their position.
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