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Team Policies and Guidelines

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Practice Times

Each swimmer is expected to report to his/her appropriate practice on time, ready to swim or participate in dryland training workouts. Swimmers should take care of restroom needs before practice begins. Late swimmers disrupt the training flow and thus, punctuality is imperative.


Attendance will be taken daily because consistent attendance is critical for the improvement and will be used in meet line-up decisions. Please plan for your swimmer to stay the entire practice unless you have spoken to the coach regarding other arrangements. Also, during practice sessions, swimmers are not to leave the pool area without a coach's permission.

Squad Placement

Each of our five training squads has certain requirements for placement on them. Just as in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, karate, school, and other areas of life, achieving a certain set of goals is required before you can move on to the next level. Criteria for moving to the next practice squad is listed on our team website. At any time during the swim season, if a swimmer meets the criteria to change squads, they will be eligible to move up. The difference in coaching fees between squads will change the following month a swimmer advances to the higher training squad.


Membership on the Avenger Swim Team is a privilege maintained by good behavior, high character, and hard work. Also, a swimmer that complains about his/her training has a tendency to bring down fellow swimmers. For this reason, we have a no-tolerance rule concerning complainers. As a member of this team, swimmers represent not only themselves, but their parents, coaches, fellow teammates, and Gateway City Aquatic Club.  

There is a page on this website that lists our discipline policy for our team.  How we handle discipline problems are listed in that section.

Locker rooms

Swimmers have the option of either placing their items on the pool deck or they may leave their belongings in the locker room during practice. In addition, each swimmer must leave the locker rooms and pool area clean. Good behavior and respect for the property of others is expected while using the Cherokee Recreation Center. If using a locker in the locker room, please bring a lock for security reasons. Gateway City Aquatic Club is not responsible for any items left unattended.   We do ask that parents keep an eye on their children while they are in the locker rooms.  There are other programs and activities so there may be other people and adults in the locker rooms.


Swimmers will be required to bring specified training accessories (i.e., goggles, caps, etc.) to workouts according to their assigned training squad. Please see the equipment list on this website for a complete list of equipment per your child’s training squad. Swimmers will respect other swimmers equipment, by observing a “hands-off” policy. All swimmers need to use a permanent marker to clearly mark their equipment with their name. This is HIGHLY encouraged. This will avoid equipment confusion between swimmers. This would include swim caps AND water bottles with water/Gatorade. Surprisingly, swimmers can become very dehydrated during practice. Don’t forget to bring something to sip on.


Swimmers are expected to wear appropriate swim practice attire.  No bikini suits are allowed, as we do not want any swimmer to experience a “wardrobe malfunction”!


It is not a good idea to bring any valuables to the pool, as it is too easy to lose them or have them stolen. All personal belongings should be clearly and permanently marked with your name. Once again, Gateway City Aquatic Club cannot be responsible for belongings left unattended in the locker rooms or on the deck.

Dryland Training 

Swimmers participating in dryland training will be required to wear tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt over their swimming suit. Swimmers are also required to provide a exercise-type mat. This mat may be stored at the pool, if desired. All other equipment will be provided by Gateway City Aquatic Club, including but not limited to stretchcords, medballs, ropes, etc . . . Swimmers are expected to treat the equipment with respect and only under the training of our coaches. It is extremely important that each athlete take this time seriously and put forth their highest effort to achieve maximum benefit and maintain safety.


Parents, if you desire to observe your child’s practice session, we ask that you remain behind the fenced area on the deck. Seating is limited, so you are welcome to bring your own chair if you desire. Please be considerate and do not try to communicate with any swimmer from the observation area. This is not only distracting to the swimmer, but can also be distracting to the entire team as well as the coach. If there is a need to communicate an urgent message to your child, please feel free to come to the pool deck, and the coach will get the attention of your child for you. Parents, please keep this in mind . . . “Swimmers swim, Parents parent, and Coaches coach.” You are paying for professional coaching, so PLEASE allow the coaches to coach. I understand that it is difficult sometimes to sit on the sidelines and not input, but please refrain from doing so. Your child needs your support as a parent!! If you have ANY concerns regarding your child, please feel free to talk with your coach at the conclusion of practice.


In the case of fire or other emergencies requiring evacuation from the pool or the building, swimmers will follow directions posted at the door of the pool and follow the explicit directions of the coaching and/or lifeguard staff. Swimmers will remain with their coach until all swimmers are accounted for.

We also need to make sure that all parents provide emergency contract phone numbers so coaches can contact them if there is a problem.

Practice Cancellations / Inclement Weather Policy 

In the event of lightning, the Cherokee Recreation Center pool will shut down if lightning occurs within 6 miles of the building. Swim practice will be canceled in the case of lightning and/or potential oncoming storms. Other cancellations, such as snowstorms, power outages, chemical imbalances, pool malfunctions, etc . . . every family will be notified by email and/or text messaging services. We will make our best attempt to contact each of you as quickly as possible. 

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