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Discipline Policy

Swimmers are expected to show responsible behavior before, during, and after practices, as well as at meets. The behavior of each team member affects our team image and morale. Negative or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Due to the number of swimmers and the amount of practice time available, it is crucial that the practice environment remains positive and that practice sessions operate in a smooth, efficient manner. Inappropriate behavior would include, but not be limited to the following:

Speaking when coaches are speaking
Disobeying the request or instructions of a coach or adult Failing to respect other peoples property
Behaving in any way that could reflect negatively on our team Use of Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol
Failing to respect all areas of the facility and staff.
Adhering to the rules of the aquatics department
Inappropriate use of language

These standards of behavior must be maintained before, during and after all practices, sessions, meets, and at any other team functions.

It is our hope that the following measures would not need to be used, but if a swimmer fails to maintain the established standards, the following action will be taken:

1st Incident - Swimmer will receive a warning to cease inappropriate behavior.

2nd Incident - Swimmer will not be permitted to return to practice until they and their parents have met with one of the coaches.

3rd Incident - Swimmer will not be permitted to return to the team.

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How to Contact us

Practices held at Cherokee Recreational Ctr, 3200 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

Mailing address:  Gateway City Aquatic Club, 4321 Delor Street, St. Louis, MO 63116

Email Contact Info:

Phone:  314-884-0824

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