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2019-2020 Short Course Season Registration

Welcome to the 2019-2020 season of the Gateway City Avengers swim team.   

Please take a moment to fill out the following information.

Complete registration forms are the best way for us to serve your swimmer and family.

Squad placement will be determined by coaching staff.   

Registration fees of $45 per family and $20 t-shirt fee per swimmer due at time of registration.   

An invoice will be emailed to you for the registration prices.   Coaching fees are due by the first practice but can be paid at any time.  Payments can be made by PayPal invoice (with an online service fee) or by check made payable to GCAC.  

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 I understand that the Coaches and Board of GCAC can at any time remove my child from practice or from the team for disciplinary reasons or non-payment of fees. I understand that if my child is removed from practice or from the team I will be awarded no refund. I understand that the payment fees specified above are based on training squads. However, in the event that my child is moved into a training squad other than the squad they originally began in, I will agree to pay the fees associated with the new training squad. In addition to the requirement that my child be a currently registered member of USA Swimming. I understand that I must have a medical release form on file. Any exceptions to the conditions of the above contract are subject to coach approval and must be presented in writing. All swimmers and parents MUST sign the Athlete Code of Conduct and all parents MUST sign the Parent Code of Conduct.

I further, understand that this contract obligates me to make payment for the entire contracted season amount indicated regardless of whether my child chooses to swim the entire Short Course season or participate in all available practices. If my child leaves the GCAC swim team, I am responsible for the balance of the contracted amount. Any requests for exceptions to the conditions of the above contract are subject to the head coach and board approval and must be presented in writing 30 days prior to leaving the team.  Providing a letter does not mean that payment of fees will end when your child leaves the GCAC swim team.   That determination will be made on a case by case situation. 

I also agree and understand that GCAC is not responsible for missed practice times due to swimming pool maintenance issues or practices canceled due to weather issues.   Practice fees for missed practices due to these issues will not be refunded unless decided upon by the coaching staff and/or executive board of Gateway City Aquatic Club. 

I, hereby, agree to the following contract and do so with the best of intentions not only for the benefit of my child but also for every member of GCAC.

Liability Release

I hereby wave all claims for injury or liability of any kind for the above-mentioned swimmer(s) and, in the case of an accident or injury in any way resulting, directly or indirectly from participation in such programs, hold blameless from any liability the Gateway City Aquatic Club, Hole in the Roof Ministry Center, Playtime Recreation, the City of St. Louis, its officers, coaches, volunteers, or any other persons in any way connected or associated with this program. Furthermore, in case of emergency medical attention that may be necessary, I authorize the adult coaches to act on my behalf according to their best judgment and ability. 


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